Push notificationsSomething most dance studio owners tell us is how frustrating they find information sharing at their studio, specifically, that their customers aren’t reading (or even opening!) their emails. This can be frustrating when there is much to communicate in a learning environment and often only a small team available to answer emails, phone calls and talk between teaching classes.

The Cambridge online dictionary states that a push notification is “a message sent to a smartphone relating to one of its apps, even when it is not running, or the act of sending such messages”. These are the types of notification you get on your phone when someone likes a photo you’ve posted on Instagram or your banking app has information to tell you. 

why push notificationsAccording to dinarys.com push notifications are the best option for information sharing with the quickest reach and highest open rate when compared to email. The average open rate is 90% compared with 23% for email and engagement in information is much higher too. Just think how helpful it would be for studio administrators and teachers to be able to send these kinds of notifications to parents and students?


what is a push notification what is a push notification   what is a push notification


The chances of this information reaching the right people in the right time via email to a parent looks a lot lower at 23% and having the ability to reach both parents and students is obviously a huge plus – and potentially doubles your chances of the information being received.

With Movitae parents and students can receive notifications in the way that speaks best to them and push notifications means they will get notified instantly when items are shared with them – be it a reminder, a video from class or a link to expert information such as a nutritional advice or a dance medicine blog.

The ‘real-time’ nature of push notifications is great way to get event information (“uniform sale today”) to busy people, to remind students of learnings from class and help keep students engaged between lessons. They are also great for staff engagement and can help studio administrators check in with teachers or share daily inspiration and reinforce important dates.

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what is a push notification