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In these uncertain and unprecedented times it is good to have a plan. In response to requests from teachers around what, how and when to share content for maximum student engagement we have come up with some suggestions. Many teachers have wonderfully creative ideas and strategies, so please contact us with your thoughts so we can share them around and support the dance community.

Your studio's goals will be different depending on the level of service you are aiming to provide. For example whether you have reduced numbers or are closed, are still paying teachers and charging students or whether you are just aiming to keep students and parents engaged with your school for when you re-open.

Below is a suggested plan assuming you have plenty of time and resources. If this is not the case you can focus more on content that is already created (see your 'Programs' for home conditioning!), share this and send out reminders to students to view it and practise. You may also decide to share more to the whole organisation rather than class by class.

Overall content should be regular, relevant and engaging. We recommend regular sharing to class groups, encouraging conversations around the content you share and encouraging students to share back for teacher comment.

Tips for storing and finding content:

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Remember you can save items to 'Porfolios' to store content for the future and to help you find them (e.g., you might create a Portfolio for each class), you can use hashtags to group items and you can filter items by the groups they are shared with. You can also 'favourite' items (and instruct students to do this). If you get stuck just use our 'help' feature. 

Make a plan:

1) Create and source the content you want to share.

You can create a Movitae item for sharing and comment, by uploading video from your phone or computer or by linking from YouTube into Movitae. You can also link to websites and attach documents and other types of files. You can also ask teachers to share items to your schools Movitae admin account (or your account) from Movitae (they just need to tick the 'allow copy' box so you can copy the item to share it on to students).dance at home

If you want to live stream you can link streaming services such as 'Zoom' into an item on Movitae to prompt your students to join the live stream this way.

2) By Class -

  • Share a class each week for students to practise to - ask students to favourite this item and send out reminders to students to practise the class or a specific exercise in the class.
  • The daily reminder could include an 'exercise of the day' from our dance conditioning database or from YouTube ( Ask students to tick 'Done' once completed.
  • Ask students to share an example of their home practise back to their teacher for comment. They can also create Portfolios of their home practise over the term and share this with their teacher at the end of the term to show their progression.

3) By school -

  • Create sense of ongoing school community by sharing regular dance inspiration and dance news posts
  • Start a home choreography competition - you can share set music, get students to share their chorey back to you (using the 'allow copy' setting) then share the winning videos back to the school. Introduce an 'audience choice' award and ask your audience to vote!
  • Use our rewards leader board for students who demonstrate the most home practise!

This is just a start, for more ideas please check out our YouTube channel and our blog page. Here is a link to blogs from teachers that currently use Movitae

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you think we can help!

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