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How to support your studio with Movitae

We love to support dance studios.  With our enabling dance learning environment teachers can support their students to practice better, parents can have a wonderful insight to their child's learning and studios are able to communicate more effectively.

Access to resources within Movitae makes it easy for teachers to extend students' dance education and the ability to link with external resources means teachers can further guide their students' education. Students also have access to many free resources through their Programs tab and can purchase additional programs through the Programs Store.

Dance pilates resourcesDance pilates resources





Our blog is here to further support teachers to use Movitae, and inspire new ideas to support your studio. We talk to studios for reviews and guest blogs, discuss dance education and effective communication. 

This blog, '5 ways to delight your dance school's parents' written by Movitae founder Angela Gendall discusses some great ways studios can use Movitae to support parent communication and allow them to share in their child's learning process.

Movitae take your dance class home

'The cost vs the benefits of lessons' discusses parental motivations for sending their children to dance lessons and how lesson value can be increased. 


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