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More and more dance studios are using social media as their main source of communication. It makes sense, who reads all their emails nowadays! However, with social media it is hard to track whether the information you are sharing is reaching the right people and many people end up with information that they don’t need. Social media can be a great way to promote your studio, advertise events and share inspiring dance content but may not be ideal for reminding students what time they need to be at rehearsals or telling parents their accounts are overdue.

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Here are five reasons to avoid social media for dance school communication.

 1.     It can be off-putting for prospective parents and studentsocial media and communications.

Social media is a great platform for promoting your business – but not for communicating with your existing families about overdue term fees. Imagine that a prospective parent follows your studio on social media as well as several others in the area, some studios may be sharing great images of their students enjoying their time in class and upcoming events in the dance community and all they see from you is... Admin. It’s not a huge pull for prospective customers when they seek to learn your personality and the personality says – fees are due!


2.    Reliability – or lack thereof!

With little ability to track who is seeing your posts and whether they are reaching the right audience you can’t rely on the message getting to the right people at the right time, if at all! Even if all of your parents and students follow you through your social media channels it’s hard for them to get through all of the ‘noise’ to the right information. Information on social media is also harder to search for and filter… Ever seen an inspiring Facebook post that you want to share then spend way to long looking for it again?


3.     Lack of notifications.

Push notifications are the best option for push notificationscommunicating with your families (find out more about why push notifications here). On social media notifying parents and students is messy and constantly changing and depending on the message tagging everyone at your studio can be inappropriate (not to mention time consuming!), using a platform that notifies the relevant parents and students when something has been shared is a much better option here.




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4.     Keep your personal and professional separate

Best practise principles suggest that students and teachers should not be personally linked on social media. Without going into the many reasons this is recommended, it is also wise to communicate with parents first for those under 18, and even better with both at the same time! Parents are unlikely to be happy if a dance studio is communicating with students about extra rehearsals before communicating with the parents themselves. Finding alternatives to social media for communication help create professional boundaries.

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5.    Not everyone is on social media

There are adults who dislike social media, or students who don’t have parental permission to be on social media. Finding a common-ground and closed platform for communication that is appropriate for all ages - and that gives parents peace of mind is a great idea.  


Social media is a great tool for supporting your studio's growth efforts, engaging with current and potential families and showing the world your studios' spirit. Social media is far reaching, but not always best suited for communicating administrative tasks or group-specific information. Each platform has a different purposes and audience (see 'So You Think You Can do Social Media' from the team at Dance Studio Owners Association for a more in depth look at the different options here). Social Media can be a great support for your marketing and sharing your studio’s love of dance with the world.


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