effective communication in the dance studio
Here at Movitae we're gathering thoughts and ideas on effective communication for dance studios.

We know how important effective communication is for giving your students and parents a wonderful studio experience. 
Starting here, we will be exploring the growing area of effective teacher/student and teacher/parent communication. 

Our blog, Why Push Notifications takes you through the ins and outs of digital communication and why push notifications can be effective for your studio. Did you know that push notifications have an average open rate of 90% (!) - much higher than the 23% open rate reported for emails.

Don't forget to thank your teacher written by Movitae founder Angela Gendall outlines why we introduced our 'thanks' feature on Movitae and we have explored 5 reasons you might want to communicate outside social media.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on what you would like to see next in our blogging-land on communication - after all, the most effective communication is 2-way!

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