How to use Movitae


At Movitae we support customers with our 'help' feature. Teachers, students and parents can ask the Movitae support staff technical questions (that's right we're not bots!) and we always get back to you as soon as we can.

how to use Movitae

We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you find the answers you need. 

1) The video - 'How to share an item on Movitae' takes you through the basics of uploading to your Timeline and sharing with a group or individuals. Teachers can share videos from class, to help students practice effectively at home and to give parents an insight into weekly learnings. Students can share their practice or performance video with teachers for feedback and can share information on local events with their peers!

Click here - how to share on Movitae

2) With this blog and help video students can see how to change their class groups. Students can change their group(s) when they change classes each year and if they join or leave classes throughout the year. Teachers have options to control this process if they wish. 

Click here - how to change to class groups

3) Both teachers and students have access to fabulous resources through Movitae. This blog shows you how to access resources through Movitae. It also shows how teachers can share exclusive resources with their students to support at home conditioning.

Click here - how to access resources

4) Studio owners, we recommend that all class groups are private for additional security. Click here to see how to make your class groups private. Great for managing who joins and leaves groups at different times and giving additional security to your organisation.

Click here - how to make groups private

5) Concert time coming up? You can find 9 Tips for using Movitae at concert time to see some great ways studios are using Movitae to support their concert processes. 

tips to help your dance concert run smoothly


6) Want to know more about what the Movitae platform is? Click here to read 'What is a Social Learning Platform'.

Finally enjoy using Movitae and all the best with your dance practice!

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