1) Make finding relevant information really easy:

5 ways to delight your dance schools parentsHow many times have you trawled through emails, trying to think of keywords to find information, only to find out that once you have it it is not the most recent email relating to the information that you are looking for! The same can be said for scrolling through Facebook groups. With Movitae all items are updatable with the latest information at any time. Parents and students can favourite these items or you can create Portfolios of information relating to an event such as a show which you update as you need to to make sure the latest information is what everyone is accessing.

2) Educate parents as well as students:

Help parents understand the value of your dance classes by sharing relevant resources with them so they know more about what you are teaching their children. This will really help them understand the value of the classes you are offering, keeping them investing their own time and money in getting their children to your classes. Movitae can provide a great way to do this by linking in video from YouTube and Vimeo, using your own material (video, audio or text documents) or selecting from some of the resources on the site. 

5 ways to delight your dance schools parents3) Give parents an easy way to contact each other:

It can be really helpful for parents of students in a class to be able to contact each other. e.g., for  lifts, costuming help, dance tips etc. Facebook groups and email are options however these can be hard to manage. Movitae can provide a flexible, already set-up way to do this without having to make lots of Facebook or email groups. It also means parents don't have to link on social media or join social media and their personal information does not become available to other parents. 

4) Allow parents to share in their child's personal learning journey:

Not all parents have the time or inclination but many will love to share in their child's learning and support them through their learning journey. As you guide and feedback to your student through their learning, parents can view, support and guide as well. Reinforcing what is being learnt at class at home and enhancing your students learning outcomes.

5) Create a positive inclusive school culture:Dance school inclusive culture

Share and celebrate individual and school achievements in an interactive way. Share inspiration and events and create the culture you want for your school and that parents want their child and themselves to be part of. Movitae's Timeline provides a perfect way to do this! It's easy on social media for parents to miss relevant information in all of the 'noise', with Movitae they can be notified by push notifications and/or email for any items you share with them


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